Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Staff Reduction

Homework Question on Staff Reduction

  1. As a manager in a minimum security facility, you have been forced to make line staff reductions due to budget constraints. Briefly outline your plan for reassigning responsibilities.
  2. What programs might you either decrease or eliminate while maintaining training and motivating remaining employees?
  3. Discuss the importance of each strategy’s role in maintaining an efficient facility.

Homework Answer on Staff Reduction

Staff reduction has been one of the many ways that business organizations consider to ensure that the business only works within its income. This is to avoid spending more resources and yielding less output. For a business organization to execute staff reduction, it is important for the management to communicate the rationale of this exercise to all the employees. However, the management should ensure that they execute this according to the performances of the employees, purposely, not to ruin the morale and motivation of the employees.

As the manager, it is important that I focus more on quality service delivery, where I will ensure that employees are under performance contracts. With this, the management will be able to gauge performances, and this will also guide the management to know which employees need to be motivated, perhaps by promotion, salary increment, gifts, and/or allowances. Employees, regardless of their numbers, will provide quality services to our clients, and attract new clients through their performance for them to benefit from the company.

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For the employees to enjoy their duties, it will be important that they are provided with training of different trending facilities in the organization. This means that apart from the normal duties they are used to, they can perform other functions related to the training that they go through from time to time. This increases employees’ skills and development in different fields. With a good development program, it keeps employees from leaving the organization and enables them to put more effort in their tasks. It may also help the trainers to advance to higher positions with other companies, and help in the raising of new leaders (IDEA Health & Fitness Association, 2004, p. 51).