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  1. Describe spectrum detection as a future intrusion detector. Give two real-life examples

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Cyber security is threatened by the establishment and innovate attacks that are executed evasive along with polymorphic tactics in a bid to avoid detection. Spectrum detection is founded on paradigm of the human brain; specifically, a data discovery technique called self-organizing map (Tipton and Krause 1632). It is worth noting that intrusion detection tactics are classified into signature-based detection and anomaly-based detection.Signature-based detection can be used in criminal detection as it dwells on particular kinds of activities that are presumed to be malicious.

On its part, anomaly-based detection centralizes on statistical structures to deduce normalcy in habits of individual and give a report when the individual behaves abnormally. The officer presumes that when the individual behaves maliciously, the detectors acts anomalously. Thus, detecting irregular behaviour should recognize malevolent performance.The use of intrusion detection malicious activities is easily detected by the use of system that is related to computers.

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For example, intrusion detection allows discover abuses such as break-ins and infiltration executed by the use computers. Intrusion detection can also be used to detect fraud for credit card.According to Arrigo and Bersot, in the near to long-term spectrum detectors will be integrated into solid state devices making them smaller, cheaper and commercially available (335). The future of the intrusion detection is bright as data integration will be done by the use of biometric data to facilitate detection, recognition and identification of individuals. The prospective intrusion detector will be capable of reading the minds of intruders. This is because mind-reading technologies are inevitable and reading of mind signal will help in combating crime activities. Adoption of high technology intrusion detection structures  will help inn neutralizing security stack.