Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Sociological Theories of Crime

Homework Question on Sociological Theories of Crime

  1. Do you think that Sociological Theories of Crime are Sound? Why or Why Not?

Homework Answer on Sociological Theories of Crime

All the initiatives and mechanisms in place aimed at reducing or thwarting criminal thinking and behavior are often based on the idea of altering the thought processes. The sociological theories give explanations on criminality and why individuals engage in criminal behavior. Each of these theories is sound in their viewpoints of criminal behavior as social process, because they effectively utilize cognitive restructuring as a way of altering criminal thoughts and preventing prospective crimes.

The strain theory suggests that individuals undertake criminal behavior as a way of evading a certain strain or unpleasant experience the may be going through, and which causes psychological stress or anxiety. For instance an individual going through financial strain may steal to sort out their financial problems, while another individual may use illegal drugs as a way of escaping the daily pressures of life. The utilization of cognitive restructuring will enable the individuals to practice replacement thinking or a different but positive thinking pattern, which would relieve them from the bad or unpleasant experiences they are going through.

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A look into the social learning theory, there is a sub theory known as the differential reinforcement theory, which states that the processes of learning either a deviant or conventional behavior is the exact same process. It suggests that, neither criminal minds nor atypical minds of the members of the society are brought up to be totally good or totally bad, neither totally deviant nor totally conforming. Instead, there exists a balance between experiences, learning, revisions and reevaluation of circumstances of oneself and the social group they identify