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Homework Question on Social Justice

  1. To what extent is the government’s responsibility to address issues of social justuce-such as poverty, racisim, and sexism?
  2. In a society in which “majority rules,” what rights should minorities have?
  3. From the perspective of gender justice, what are the arguments for and the arguments against legalizing prostitution?

Homework Answer on Social Justice

The government has a responsibility to address issues that touch on social justice, which include poverty, racism, as well as sexism. Poverty poses numerous problems to the government due to rise in crime, poor health, shorter life expectancy, and low living standards. Racial injustice has persisted in the US to this day while men still perceive themselves as more superior to women.

Although social justice begins with individuals, the government should intervene in the fight against social injustices by facilitating the laws that guide on resource allocations, providing enough police to safeguard the minorities, and promote gender equality through employment opportunities. A society where the majority rules usually suppresses the rights of the minority groups through discrimination due to color, origin, and race, thus denying them freedom to express their opinions.

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Nonetheless, in a democratic society, minority groups have the rights to compete fairly in all activities that shape their lives, hence preventing the majority from becoming dictatorship. Social justice can be enhanced if the minorities are allowed to express their civil rights and awarded equal rights in resource allocations and judicial processes.Minorities should push the government to consider preferences that would enable them to enjoy the country’s resources, just as the majority.