Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Sexual Harassment Policy

Homework Question on Sexual Harassment Policy

  1. As a new member of the management team at your facility, you have been assigned the responsibility of developing an outline for a sexual harassment policy for your workplace. What components would your policy contain to limit or avoid sexual harassment?

 Homework Answer on Sexual Harassment Policy

The efficacy of a sexual harassment policy depends on the nature of its components. Management teams should develop comprehensive but clear sexual harassment policy to limit or avoid sexual harassment at their facilities. This paper presents the key components of an effective sexual harassment policy.The first component should be a powerful and convincing opening statement regarding the organization’s position on sexual harassment.

The statement should indicate that the organization or facility prohibits sexual harassment in its working environment, and that any employee who breaches the policy will face disciplinary action. The policy should outline the organization’s objectives concerning sexual harassment. It expresses the organization’s commitment to eliminating sexual harassment. It should then provide a comprehensive definition of sexual harassment, which should be clearly worded to emphasize that sexual harassment constitute unwelcome behavior that is sexual in nature that makes people feel offended.

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The definition should state the different forms that sexual harassment may be expressed. The policy should also provide specific examples of sexual harassment related to the organization’s work environment. It should also state and explain behaviors that do not constitute sexual harassment. The policy should highlight the victim’s duty to report sexual harassment behaviors to the relevant management authority.