Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Routine Activity Theory (RAT)

Homework Question on Routine Activity Theory (RAT)

  1. For this discussion, identify which theory you have learned about thus far you believe explains the most crime (not necessarily all crime.)
  2. Identify at least one specific crime that this theory helps explain, and discuss why/how it explains this crime. Finally, try to identify one crime that your theory does not explain.

Homework Answer on Routine Activity Theory (RAT)

Routine activity theory best explains most crimes committed in the society. According to the theory, a crime will occur when there is an intersection of time and space of a motivated offender, a suitable or attractive target, and the absence of a capable and willing guardian. The theory proposes that lifestyles, which are a form of routine activities, do create opportunities for crime by escalating the number and intensity of interactions involving the potential offenders and attractive targets.

The second proposition is that potential offenders often assess the perceived value or attractiveness of the target and the presence of a capable guardian, where the absence of such a guardian will motivate the offender to commit a crime.RAT best explains why housebreaking offenses normally take place when homeowners or caretakers are away from homes as they undertake their routine activities, such as going to work or shopping.

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Their absence as capable guardians motivates the offender to intrude the premises. The lack of surveillance devices in premises, for instance, surveillance cameras, strong security locks, and alarm systems, all constitute absence of capable guardianship. RAT also explains cyber crimes or attacks. Persons vulnerable to such attacks are those spending much of their time on the internet, especially those undertaking illicit computer activities, such pirating media or visiting prohibited sites, which increases their vulnerability to malware infection.