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Homework Question on Restorative Justice Plan

  • David is a 13 year old whose family lives in a lower class neighborhood of a major metropolitan city. He does not receive much direction for his mother who is a single parent trying to make ends meet by working a night job at a local factory. David has had a few brushes with the law in the form of truancy, loitering, and damage to property. The community David lives in has just recently suffered through a rash of garage burglaries where miscellaneous tools and other personal property have been stolen. The victims of the crimes have also had their vehicles ransacked where various items of value were also taken. The suspect also damaged the garage doors and sides of buildings with black spray paint. Through the investigation process, David was found to be a suspect and later admitted to all of the burglaries and damage that was suffered by the neighborhood. When David made an appearance in juvenile court, the judge agreed to take his cooperation into consideration and developed a restorative justice plan as his punishment for the crimes he committed.
  1. In a 1-2 page paper, develop a restorative justice plan where David is allowed to “repair the harm” he created in the neighborhood. Be specific and use programs from your readings to help devise a plan.
  2. Remember that the purpose of the program is to help victims feel the wrong against them has been corrected and that David can live in harmony within the community again. Remember to use APA formatting.

Homework Answer on Restorative Justice Plan

The main purpose of this restorative justice plan will be to repair the harm caused to all the parties involved in the incidence and enable David and his neighbor to live in harmony with one another. Therefore, David should be willing to do something that can assure the neighbor as well as the community that he will be transformed at the end of the plan (Aertsen, Daems, & Robert, 2013). This paper recommends the following:

First, other than just simply accepting the fact that he was involved in the burglary and damaging properties, David should be willing to return the miscellaneous tools and personal properties he stole from the garage. This means that while formulating the said restorative justice plan, the judge should compel David to return those tools. The intention will be to enable the neighbor appreciate the fact that David is willing to repair the harm he caused on him.

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Second, once David accepts to return these tools, the judge should give him a chance to express his commitment to shun the bad practice.At this point, David should assure his neighbor as well as the community with his own words that he would never repeat the same mistake or do anything else that will cause harm to his neighbor and community. By so doing, the community and the neighbor will appreciate the fact that David is willing to change.