Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Realities of Police Patrol

Homework Question on Realities of Police Patrol

  • Write 3 paragraphs.
  1. In the first, write a day in the life of the television characters on patrol.
  2. In the second paragraph, write a day in the life of real-life police on patrol.
  3. In your last paragraph, note key similarities and differences.

Homework Answer on Realities of Police Patrol

A day out for television characters acting as police officers on patrol will always be successful, as they portray their competence in what they do. The drama starts in response to several attacks by armed criminals. In most cases, they utilize patrol cars to cover a long distance on time. Four-wheel patrol vehicles are normally utilized to carry weapons, communication equipment, and space suspects, or any other person (Stering 9).

The patrol officers do not seem to be too cautious about their safety during patrol, as they tend to be certain of where they could encounter the criminals. After engaging criminals in gunfire for about five minutes, they overcome them, and usually seen carrying the suspects.The real patrol police are the first responders to crime in the area of patrol; thus, they are always prepared with guns, handcuffs, and communication gadgets. They may use motor cycles or patrol vehicles depending on the urgency and terrain.

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However, the patrol officers have to be cautious about their safety. In most cases, officers on patrol rely on observation, or gut feelings to accomplish their duty. They are expected to know the details of the suspect, and the exact location to search for that suspect. Sometimes it may become too risky for police officers to pursue dangerous criminals, hence have to ask for reinforcement from their center.