Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Public Administration and the Criminal Justice Agency

Homework Question on Public Administration and the Criminal Justice Agency

  • Students will prepare a paper that focuses on public administration and the criminal justice agency in today’s world, with the focus being on combating terrorism. The coordination of agencies outside of the criminal justice with agencies in the criminal justice system will be explored by the student. Public agencies which had limited interaction with criminal justice agencies now have an increase in their interactions(FCC, TSA, Body Scanning, etc.)
  • The needs of the criminal justice agencies and how these needs are or are not being met by other public agencies will be explored. Students will focus on the Department of Homeland Security. It is expected that what is working well is highlighted in addition to focusing on what is not working well, with proposed solutions.

Homework Answer on Public Administration and the Criminal Justice Agency

Interagency coordination is among the most viable options for any nation that seeks to enhance security within its borders. Following the 9/11 attack in 2001 on US soil, the coordination between agencies has been a necessary step towards the enhancement of security and protection of citizens. At its formation in 2002 following the attack, the Department of Homeland Security  was Charged with the responsibility of prevention of terrorist attack, reduction of terrorist attack vulnerability, minimization of damage and assistance in recovery in case of any attack (Randol 1).

To perform these functions, it has been necessary to restructure the Department into six distinct operational components charged with specific responsibilities within the framework of making the nation safe. The components include the Transport and Security Administration among others. These form the basic components of the Department (Randol 1). However, given the complexities involved in organization of terrorist activities, and therefore the need for similar complexities in combating such attacks, it has been necessary for the coordination of activities not only within these components, but also with the Justice department as well as other agencies outside the justice department such as the FCC.

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The severity of organized crime, including terrorism calls for a coordination among law enforcement agencies as well as other agencies outside the criminal justice department. Within the US, the legal system has a characteristic fragmentation in its law enforcement approach. Therefore, a diverse set of government agencies perform the criminal justice and policing activities, with some overlapping in expertise. These agencies operate at different levels such as local, state and national levels.