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Homework Question on Private Security with Irregular Hours

  • Considering  your chosen topic “Private Security with irregular hours”.
  • Prepare a 2-page paper that covers the above topics.
  1. Discuss how technologies or information systems have contributed to the problem
  2. How you will propose technology be implemented into the solution.
  3. Should have 3 references for the paper.
  • This paper must adhere to APA style standards including the following:
  1. Double space
  2. 1” margins
  3. Title page
  4. Text citation references
  5. Reference page
  6. Ensure that the introduction and conclusion are full paragraphs
  7. Times New Remain 12 font

Homework Answer on Private Security with Irregular Hours

Security for the private security officials is considered as one whose hours are uncertain due to the duties and responsibilities that are required of them. These irregular hours are blamed on an assortment of factors that rely on the type of security task being undertaken by the officials. The integration of information systems into the performance of security operations is considered as one of the paramount causalities for the increase of cases of irregular hours among private security officials.

Therefore, this paper will perform an analysis of the problems causing irregular working hours among private security officials as well as possible solutions to the issue.One of the problems caused by information systems is the need for information to be digitized. This problem means that there are added security measures being applied to information, which makes their retrieval harder to accomplish.

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For instance, information, such as employment records, car registration, and employee tracking information, among others are all digitized and there are firewalls and other security measures to prevent and protect retrieval of the information (Wilson and Grammenos, 2000). Previously, this information could be easily accessed using a court order and the subsequent file retrieved. However, in the contemporary world, such laws as company policy and privacy could prevent an investigator from accessing information on a client.