Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Poverty On Juvenile Delinquency

Homework Question on The Effect of Poverty On Juvenile Delinquency

  • Use (APA) reference style
  • The paper should be 10 (typed and double spaced) pages in length, excluding the title page, references and appendices.
  • The paper must include an introduction, body and conclusion .

The paper must include the following components:

(a) the problem

(b) historical context

(c) review of the literature (specific to topic)

(d) policy implications

(e) directions for future research.

  • The paper must have a minimum 10 referred references from scholarly journals or articles

Homework Answer on The Effect of Poverty On Juvenile Delinquency


The environment in which young people are brought upholds an enormous influence on how they act and behave. Young people are influenced by their surroundings and they look up to others for guidance meaning that their behavioris as a result of those people who are around them. The environment in which young people are brought up, consisting of family and peers, plays a vital role in their life, therefore becoming the ultimate cause of juvenile delinquency.

Research has shown that those teens that stay in poverty stricken neighborhoods are likely to become delinquents. Poverty is a central social problem that is often related to other social problems such as unemployment which causes juvenile delinquency. Evidence has shown that youths from poor families are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior than those from affluent families (Rekker, Pardini, Keijsers, Branje, Loeber, & Meeus, 2015).

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Research states that poverty is one of the main causes of juvenile delinquency since the problem comes with conditions which predisposes young ones to offending. This essay looks at the effects of poverty on juvenile delinquency, how the problem can be tackled and provides directions for future research.

Problem statement

Over the few years,anti-social behavior of the youth has become a matter of concern and a policy issue that has been brought by media coverage of violent crimes committed by teenagers.