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Homework Question on Parole Release

  1. What should happen to an offender who clearly and convincingly has changed, and still has a significant amount of time on his sentence.
  2. Should that individual be kept behind bars at the expense of the taxpayers, under state care, custody and control, until at least he is eligible for parole; or should he be released.
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Homework Answer on Parole Release


Parole is the conditional freeing of a prisoner in agreement to following particular rules/ orders conditions before finishing his/ maximum sentence period. Parole is different from amnesty or commutation in that parolees are usually still serving their sentences though from outside the prison cells, and if they happen to break any one of the conditions of parole would return to prison.

Prisoners are usually considered for parole when they demonstrate good behavior in prison by taking part in relevant treatment, training and employment programs to the maximum. However, if an offender has clearly and convincingly changed while they still have a significant amount of time on their sentence, they should be released back into the society without having to wait to become eligible for parole.

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An offender is put in prison for four major reasons. One reason being for punishment by depriving him of freedom a free society offers, to  deter the offender and teach him the consequences of offending, thirdly , to protect the public from the offender’s criminal acts and give them a sense of security given the offender is in prison and last and not least is so as to rehabilitate them and teach them how to live a normal and productive life so that they are able to integrate successfully back into the society eliminating criminal behavior(Schmidt, 1977).