Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Paramilitary Organizations in U.S.A

Homework Question on Paramilitary Organizations in U.S.A

  • Legal issues in criminal justice administration, custom* (2nd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-1-305-30540-3 Freedom of speech and religion in the workplace have been constant sources of litigation. This is particularly true in public sector employment, and even more so in law enforcement. On the one hand, the Constitution guarantees all Americans the right to say what they want, and practice (or not practice) their religion of choice.
  • However, paramilitary organizations such as law enforcement agencies demonstrate a compelling need to exercise some restraint on what employees can say when in the performance of their duties, and how they can express their religious preferences, such as when they are on duty or wearing a police uniform.
  1. Discuss your views of this tension between constitutional protections of speech and religion and the needs of law enforcement agencies.
  2. Recount personal experiences and knowledge, and consider the perspectives of the officer, the employer, and the public in your answer.
  3. Finally, integrate one or more Saint Leo core values into your posting.

Homework Answer on Paramilitary Organizations in U.S.A

The American constitution gives every citizen freedom of speech and freedom of religion-choice and worship.Paramilitary organizations are semi-military forces with similar structures,tactics,training and sub cultures with those of the military.In U.S, examples of paramilitary organizations involved in law enforcement include-FBI, foreign volunteers,young marines and junior reserve officers training corps (Stojkovic, Kalinich & Klofas, 2012).

Paramilitary employees’ rights are however restrained in some cases as regards both freedom to worship according to one’s conscience and bringing up children the faith of parents.Freedom of speech is liberty to say what one thinks,whether right or wrong according to other people.The military personnel for example marines and their leaders have sworn to keep the nations secrets for the good of the nation.Some law enforcement agencies like the F.B.I. have the moral legal obligation to keep some information secret touching on security matters.

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Paramilitary employees have to demonstrate integrity; they must be honest,just and consistent in their work. Just like military they offer service to the community (Letman, Edwards & Bell, 2014).One tenet of the law is that freedom or liberty goes with responsibility.Our freedom or liberty is not limitless.Paramilitary agents or personnel are also given protection by law.