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Homework Question on Organized Crime in the Society

  1. Argue why organized crime is not a good thing to have in society.
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Homework Answer on Organized Crime in the Society


Organized crime is a term that is used to define international, national as well as local groups that operate in a highly structured manner and usually engage in unlawful activities that are aimed at accruing financial and political benefits. These groups employ aggression, bribery and intimidation to enforce their superiority over law enforcement agencies and members of the society in order to operate freely (Dessie, 2000).

Why organized crime is not a good thing to have in society

Organized crime causes numerous undesirable effects on various societies in which they operate, and it is therefore not a good thing to exist within any society. Organized crime enhances massive violence that regularly causes insecurity to members of various societies in which these illegal groups perpetuate their activities. They use violence to threaten and force members of the society to conform to their intentions and also to counter any resistance from them (Dessie, 2000).

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One of the major activities of organized crime is illegal drugs that are sold to various members of society and this ultimately increases various crimes in the society that include murder, robbery and assaults. This equally affects the society in that various illegal drugs increase cases of corruption and partiality in administering justice as many groups in organized crime have resources to bribe law enforcement agencies to operate freely.As explained by Dessie (2000), organized crime perpetuates illegal human trafficking especially of young children that are used for illegal activities that include forced labour and prostitution.