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Homework Question on Organized Crime in Europe

  1. Mafia practices in Europe and the effort that has been done to stop them. Talk about a particular organized crime group such as the Cosa Nostra in Europe; and indicate how law enforcement and the judiciary have dealt with these felons

Homework Answer on Organized Crime in Europe


The term mafia is a generalized term that refers to organized groups of criminals. The term may as well refer to specific groups of criminals that operate under hidden agendas in Europe and USA. This term originated from the term Cosa Nostra translated to our thing or our affairs in English (Siegel and Nelen 16). The term Cosa Nostra refers to a criminal syndicate that has been in existence in Italy for a long period.

The syndicate started in the 1800s and it has survived all along even today. The group has small units referred to as families or clans that claim sovereignty over certain regions such as villages and towns. Once these families claim sovereignty over these regions, they control them as they wish. As a criminal group, Cosa Nostra uses threats to execute its mandates and benefit from its illicit activities. The group also uses force and corrupt public officials to remain active and operational in Italy.

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The group started after Italy became a sovereign state and its origin was in Palermo; hence, the group is as old as the state itself. Palermo was a place that influential people such as politicians and aristocrats lived. The intention of establishing this group was simply to protect the orange and lemon plantations in Palermo (Albrecht and Andre 21). However, during the fascist period when the interests of the group collided with the interests of the local government, the group changed its role and became an illegal group. Some of its members relocated to the USA and that is how the group spread to USA and other parts of the world.