Sample Criminal Justice Essays On knowledge of policing

Homework Question on knowledge of policing

  • In this Journal, reflect on your prior knowledge of policing.( I did not have any prior Knowledge of Policing)
  • Did you learn anything new in this class? What important trends and issues in policing were not covered in this course?

        Homework Answer on knowledge of policing

Based on my knowledge, policing is about regulating and controlling with an aim of keeping order with the law. It involves issuing and observing warnings that have been put in place to be followed by the public. In criminal justice system, the police perform the work of policing to prevent crime rather than just responding to it. Nevertheless, before performing the task of policing, the police must take information from disparate sources, analyze it, and anticipate the way in which they will respond to it effectively.  The police have the role of ensuring that the people within a given community have a quality life through policing.

Policing has been known to help prevent the future crimes in a community, especially the way in which the police respond to it or act to prevent it. On the other hand, within the social setting, such as institutions, policing are regulations that have been put in place to help control the social life of people. It contributes to the growth of standards for behavior and social norms that strengthen the social interactions in the community.

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I learned new things in this class, especially the role of police officers in maintaining order. I also learned the steps that the police are expected to take to regulate law and order in the community. I realized that policing benefits not only the community members, but also the police. However, there are important issues and trends in policing that were not addressed in this course. For instance, the strategies of policing were not discussed in details. Policing oriented towards the community were also not adequately addressed in class.