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Homework Question on International Relations

  1. Half of the paper should summarize the article, and the rest should consist of your opinion about the piece- did you agree with it? Do you think the topic was important?
  2. Did you feel the author gave enough evidence about it?
  • Just cite the article at the end so I can look it up. It should just be a simple piece giving me a summary of what you read and how you felt about it.

Homework Answer on International Relations

There is an opportunity for the African state to make recommendations that will shape the ICC’s future work.  These recommendations will help the African states have a call for improvements and changes to an international institution that they are creating integrally.  These recommendations proposed by this monograph are a starting point (Bikundo, 2012).  It is vital to remember that the improving and changing process of an international body entails engaged and meaningful debate.  This is not a process, which can happen at once.

While the nations of Africa make the case for different transformations to the International Criminal Court and its way of handling maters, there is a lot to be reviewed about in the interim.First, not unless the work of the ICC spread out, the African nations, and especially African victims who have conducted horrifying crimes have the reasons to rejoice instead of denouncing the work of the ICC in its early year of service.  Africa has demonstrated a clear obligation to the objectives of the ICC.

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This means that more than half of the African states have endorsed the Rome Statute, and most of them have taken proactive measures to ensure that the provisions are implemented effectively. The recent  resistance  in some African states to the ICC, a resistance which has been intensified by the decision of the ICC’s prosecutor to seek the indictment of al-Bashir who was the former president of Somalia has affected these efforts negatively.