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Homework Question on Industrial Design Theft

  1. What are the different definitions of this crime ? select 3 definitions including if possible a UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) one , in the federal law or other government document section
  2.  What are the common characteristics of this crime? ( e.g. how are the crimes undertaken, where does the money go, what are the value of these criminal activities individually/ collectively ) Section 3- organised group characteristics: answer research question
  3. What are the common charactersitics on the organised group undertaking the crime (e.g. who commits them, what motivates them) Section
  • Additional information: e.g. fault tree analysis of how crimes are done, routes of counterfeit medicines flow, like to other organised crime areas, supply chain of the transported prohibited goods Provide some examples from worldwide as well well as the UAE and Arabian Gulf region .for the above section and where its applicable to illustrate the answers .

Homework Answer on Industrial Design Theft


Industrial designs as well as techniques fall under the intellectual property. Even though intellectual property is harder to track, it is similar to any real property. Intellectual property can be defined as an intangible property, which has a commercial value (Geiger, 2012). When this is put in simple terms, the value of an intellectual property refers to the amount of money that someone would spend in order to create what he could instead steal from other people.

Apart from industrial designs and techniques, intellectual property also include customer lists, environmental studies, permits, mineral rights and licenses, agreements and contracts, trademarks and brands, business products, product pricing models, patents, know-how, and trade secrets.There are different definitions of the term design or technique theft. This paper has explained some of the commonly used definitions of these words or rather term.

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In an intellectual property law, an industrial technique or design refers to the outward look or appearance of products (Li, 2009). It helps companies to differentiate their products from the produced by the competitor companies. This is used to improve the brand image of the goods or products of that company. Because of this reason, companies are always keen to ensure that their industrial design or technique is protected. Therefore, industrial design theft or technique is said to occur when the product appearance of a company is copied illegally or used without the knowledge or permission of the or the rights of the owner (Torremans, Shan & Erauw, 2007).