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Homework Question on Framing Difference

  • Multiculturalism in Criminal Justice  For this one-page assignment, a student also has to explain what she or he expects to find after having done research and written the paper. Framing Difference
  1. Should the law provide the sole means of creating and maintaining difference, when it comes to criminal justice?
  2. Why should a “dominant” population have the privilege to “construct crime” for those populations that are not “dominant?”
  3. Why should communication play so critical a role in talking through difference in the criminal justice process?

Homework Answer on Framing Difference

Multiculturalism is the diversification of different cultures and groups of people (Michelle, 2013). In criminal justice, multiculturalism plays a role in what punishment one receives in law courts (Michelle, 2013). Framing difference and multiculturalism go hand in hand in law courts. Multiculturalism describes how the government deals with different groups of people. Communication plays a vital role in the framing difference in criminal justice.

Communication is the exchange of words through verbal or non-verbal method from one person to another (Hemby, 2003; Barry, 2002).Although multiculturalism has brought diversity in criminal justice, it is a term that is associated with the western countries. Multiculturalism mainly refers to the minority groups like immigrants; African American, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and people of color (Othello et al, 2006). The dominantrace, in most cases oppresses the minority group and makes laws that favor their group.

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The government should not establish laws that create boundaries between the dominant group and the minorities.In the US, the African American, Hispanics, and Asian American are discriminated in the criminal justice(Boothe, 2007). The dominant group, the whites, discriminates the blacks and generalizes the minorities as inferiors. Race, social economic status, and religion are the key elements that undermine the minorities. Biasness is used commonly in criminal justice. According to Michelle (2013), American traffic police, interrogates African American drivers six times more as compared to the white drivers. The dominant population has the privilege to construct a crime for those populations that are not dominant.