Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Errors in Analysis and Decision-Making

Homework Question on Errors in Analysis and Decision-making

  1. Discuss how problem representation, the use of analogies, and counterfactual reasoning can lead to errors in analysis and decision-making.
  2. Point to examples from international events to help back up your arguments.

Homework Answer on Errors in Analysis and Decision-making

Decision-making is a complex process in its own context and depends on the issue at hand. Proper decision is grounded on the foundation of adequate knowledge of the problem presented, proper analysis of the facts collected on the problem and sound reasoning.[1] Decision-making therefore requires one to follow the necessary problem solving procedures such as identifying the problem, proper representation of the problem, gathering facts about the problem and undertaking satisfying analysis of the problem.

Over a range of applicable issues, facts collected may be regulated before making personal judgment. However, there are factors that can lead to errors in analysis and decision-making. These factors include problem of representation, use of analogies and counterfactual reasoning and errors of omission. This paper will examine how the above factors lead to errors in analysis and decision-making process.[2]

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Problem in presentation has occasionally faulted analysis of facts and decision-making. This becomes clearer when one considers matters pertaining to international laws and human rights. Problem in presentation relating to indefinite number of parties in a discussion is challenging since every individual or state holds herown opinion of the appropriate methodology to be used insolving the stated problem. Equally, individuals cannot face the same problem at times and if so, must differ in other issues such as the causes of the problem and the magnitude of problem effect.