Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Homicide

Homework Question on Homicide

  1. Define the crimes of voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and negligent homicide. Provide examples for each type of homicide.
  2. Evaluate whether the felony murder rule would apply to any (or all) of the three crimes?

Homework Answer on Homicide

Voluntary manslaughter entails several hurdles, for instance, cooling of blood and provocation. For example, Victor went home and found his wife with Dan. He went to a bar and after taking five drinks, he drove his car while dunk and accidentally hit and killed a pedestrian (, 2014). Conversely, involuntary manslaughter involves murdering another person accidentally without malice and it mainly involves negligent manslaughter.

It also involves misdemeanor manslaughter that includes killing another person during the occurrence of an illegal act that does not result in a felony. For instance, a man may return back home and find his wife committing infidelity. If the husband is irritated with the incident, he may decide to kill that man right away. In such a case, a jury or a judge may deem such a killing as voluntary manslaughter.

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Negligent homicide refers to murdering of another individual without malice. It is described as death caused by conduct that grossly diverged from the ordinary care. In some cases, it is called involuntary manslaughter (, 2014). There is always a variation in state laws and therefore there is need to consult local laws for particular requirements. For instance, an individual may commit a negligent homicide if he/she carelessly causes death of another individual that does not constitute murder, because of operating a motor craft, an aircraft, or a vehicle.