Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Corruption in the Police Force

Homework Question on Corruption in the Police Force

  1. Students are to research and present on instances of corruption committed by law enforcement or criminal justice officials. Students must present on known cases that can be found online or newspapers.
  • Students must cite in APA format with in-text citations and a reference page.
  • Students should limit their resources to scholarly sites ( .edu, .gov, or .edu ) journal articles, books, or reputable newspapers/sites.
  • Assignments must be typed, 12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, approximately 1-2 pages in length.

Homework Answer on Corruption in the Police Force

Chicago police department was faced by a number of corruption cases in the year 2009. These charges stemmed from investigations that found a number of officers were involved in robberies and fake arrests. These police officers were members of the unit that was charged with the responsibility of dealing with street gangs. The unit was very effective and some of the implicated administrators were the best in the entity.

However, these police officers were found to engage in illegal activities when they went to make arrests. They would hide guns, steal goods from the homes they invaded under the guise of gang swoops and also arrest innocent people (David, Annie & Matthew, 2009. All these are crimes punishable by the law of the United States and also contravene the code of ethics that govern the conduct of police officers (Chevigny, 1995).

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Complains were filled by members of the community who were victims of their illegal activities. This led to investigations that began in the year 2006 and uncovered the crimes that law enforcers were engaging in the line of duty. The police officers cooperated with the federal officers and were expected to plead guilty and testify in a trial that involved the former ring leader of this unit. This approach was adopted by the other officers that investigators found were part of the racket.