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Homework Question on Corporate Level Strategies of Firms

  • The National Crime Prevention Council believes crime prevention requires efforts not only geared towards decreasing the threat of criminal activity, but also towards increasing a feeling of safety within the general public. They note that this combination increases our quality of life and creates an atmosphere where criminal activity will diminish.
  1. In reviewing this statement, discuss how your government or community has recently approached this issue. What are some things that you believe can be done to reduce crime in our society? Be sure to support your idea with illustrative examples.

Homework Answer on Corporate Level Strategies of Firms

Self-regulating or sole business units that form part of a large family of business normally focus on the issues at their own business level. However, if the business units have a central control point, they operate under the corporate umbrella, and are managed through a corporate strategy. A corporate level strategy is thus a guiding plan for individual business units under the conglomerate. The strategy synchronizes strategies made at various levels of business into a cohesive unit controlled and coordinated at one level to achieve the vision of the entire business organization (Yu & Chen, 2014).

Strategy Levels

Strategy levels come because of various scenarios in the firms. In the firm’s case, the organization may be divided into a way that allows each division to operate on its own. In this case, planning may be considered in the form of group structures, whereby the firm may undertake strategic planning at each own level. However, each level of the business may consider an entity that produces an output that reflects the corporate output strategy.

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The corporate output can be in the form of target of output target. For instance, a bank that has several branches in various parts of the country, and define the number of customer each branch should have within a year. It will be upon each branch to formulate some strategies to acquire the target customers.In the second scenario, corporate entities may operate as a business with units that have various levels of operations. The corporate division may define factors of operation to ensure that various corporate target are attained.