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Homework Question on Concentric Zone Theory

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  1. Needs to explain how the concentric zone theory could be useful in developing policing policies.

Homework Answer on Concentric Zone Theory

A wide range of criminology studies have sought to expound or predict crime activities based on factors that are external to the individual and his/her interaction with them (Rock, 2006). The areal norm of criminology is mainly based on ecological, physical, contextual, social, or situational links of crime, or probably their interactions. Notably, concentric zone theory posits concentric regions around the central area of a city or urban area, defined by their suburban composition, moving from the less privileged and socially deviant, in the inner zone of transition, to outer suburban commuter circle.

The theory offers vital explanation on why certain social groups are located in certain urban areas.The concentric zone theory provides significant understanding on how a society is organised in a modern urban setting (Rock, 2006). As the theory postulates, there are four rings that extend outward from the CBD. The zone of transition which comes immediately after central business district includes a mix of residential and commercial dwellings.

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This section also houses fresh immigrant groups and is characterized by uninhibited buildings and factories, rental houses, poverty and high crime. Most important to note is that there are regions that are prone to crime. This understanding can be useful in developing effective policing policies. While policing comprises numerous variables and assorted situations, the huge potential for erroneous incidents resulting from poor policing approaches can be greatly minimized with the development of right policy.