Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Child Custody

Homework Question on Child Custody

  1. Suppose you are a psychologist hired to conduct a custody evaluation of a three year old child, an 8 year old child, and a 13 year old child. Utilize journal articles that assist with the decision of which tests to use for each of these children.
  2. Discuss the types of test you might utilize during the evaluation and what specifically would you look for in making a recommendation. Also, present the factors which make it more or less likely that sole custody will be awarded.

Homework Answer on Child Custody

When parents separate, they affect the emotions, behaviors and perceptions of their children. The court is usually used to settle parental disputes regarding the custody of their children. Before making a ruling on the rules and regulations to be followed in taking care of the children, the judges must consider various factors.  Judges must take into account the wishes of the parents; the state of parent-child interactions; the mental health of each parent and child; the financial status of each parent; the accommodation status of each parent; the availability of the parent; the age of the children among other considerations (Schwartz, 2003).

Different tests are used to conduct a custody evaluation of children of different ages. This essay will consider the tests used for a three year old child, an 8 year old child, and a 13 year old child. Firstly, a three year old is considered an infant. Despite their age, infants cannot easily know whether there are changes in the household. They can easily absorb the tension and recognize changes in voices and how they are handled.

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During a divorce, a parent may be inclined to handle the three year old more anxiously or fail to interact with the child in a stimulating and playful way due to distractions. In effect, the child may find it hard to be attached to such a parent.  Additionally, when parents separate or divorce, the child may experience a change in caregivers (Shuman, 2002). A three year Old’s cognitive development is not just about child’s ability to learn the alphabets or count numbers. It involves the whole learning.