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Homework Question on Canadian Arms Trade Deal With Saudi Arabia

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  1. Does the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Protect the Right to Possess a Firearm? (Yes or No) “but I couldn’t write in the topic field because its say more than 100 characters”.
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Homework Answer on Canadian Arms Trade Deal With Saudi Arabia

Canadian arms treaty with Saudi Arabia is the largest arms export contracts in the history of Canada as explained by the experts. The contract will enable Canada to export military weapons that are locally made to one of the nations that are considered to be violating human rights in all aspects of life. The contract is almost concluded, and it seems to go through irrespective of resistance from Canadian citizens who do not support the move of the ruling government.

It has been argued that the ruling government of Canada has acted against the current existing regime that controls the export of arms. The main concern of the regime is to control the shipment of the goods from Canada to any nation that violates human rights. The political analysts have also cited that irrespective of the non-approval of the government move; there exist a guidance lists that guide the government on the nations to which it can export weapons and it is published by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

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According to this list referred to as Automatic Firearms Country Control List, Saudi Arabia falls among the other nations that the government of Canada is authorized and approved to exports its weapons as at the year 2014. There have been various opinions and criticisms that have put the ruling Liberal party on the spot concerning the Canadian controversial firearm agreement that the country has entered into with the Saudi Arabia, a nation that has been considered as a human rights violator and feared to use the weapons in support of actions against humans and terrorists (Fukui, 2015).