Sample Criminal Justice Essays On Beneficiaries of Plea-bargaining

Homework Question on Beneficiaries of Plea-bargaining

  • An assumption exists that a defendant is the only one that directly benefits from entering a plea of guilty.
  • Discuss how all of the major participants involved are benefited by plea-bargaining.
  • Reference any sources using APA format.

Homework Answer on Beneficiaries of Plea-bargaining

According to McConville, Michael, and Chester 103, Plea-bargaining is a situation where the defendant pleads guilty to a lower charge than the original crime for example, when the defendant pleads guilty of manslaughter instead of murder in a criminal case. In most cases, people believe that in this type of scenario, only the defendant gains but this is not the case. Most of the people concerned benefit from this type of situation for example, the judge, the prosecutor, the plaintiff and the counselors concerned all benefit

The judge will benefit because, he or she will have humble time to make the decision easily without any complain of the plaintiff for corruption and wrong judgment. The judge will also use the time she or he would be using to adjourn the court for other businesses for example moving to the next case in line. He or she will also gain experience in the cases of the same in the future to improve on his or her judgment.

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The plaintiffs will benefit because they will reduce the expense that he or she would be using to make the defendant plead guilty of the real crime he or she was accused of (Lippke, Richard 23).  The other benefit is that the plaintiff will receive compensation which would not be there incase the defendant would have won the case at the long run. The law courts act, states that incase the defendant pleads guilty or found guilty of the crime he or she was accused of, the defendant should pay compensation to the plaintiff according to the advice of the jury (Maynard, Douglas 124)