Sample Criminal Justice Essay Paper on Reflection to (Colorado) and prison (Denver jail)

Reflection to (Colorado) and prison (Denver jail)

Over the course of this semester, I have learned four major things regarding ways in which I can improve my writing. First, I learnt about work structure. There is a specific format that I need to follow when writing a research paper. I also learnt about proper use of grammar because this is necessary in understanding my work especially those who will go through it such as the instructor or my fellow students. Thirdly, I learnt about being specific with the topic of discussion. For instance, the research I conducted was on drug addiction in prison; however, this is an elaborate topic. I therefore had to narrow it down to a specific state (Colorado) and prison (Denver jail). This made it easy for me to write my paper and not go off the topic. Lastly, I learnt the aspects of citation of my work. It is important to not include all the names of the authors when citing any work, a mistake that I initially made when writing my paper. Some of the ways in which I have improved is staying focused on the topic of discussion. Doing intensive research and using credible sources to gather information on my topic. I also improved on grammar and citation especially after going through the instructors comments and correcting my paper. Some of the ways in which I am hoping to continue improving on is grammar since I am an international student. Conducting more studies will help me become better in writing in future and overcome the grammar challenge.