Sample Criminal Justice Essay Paper on Plea Bargain

Plea Bargain

             In any criminal justice system, a series of steps takes place before a suspect is sentenced or imprisoned. Law enforcement agents arrest a person who commits a crime and takes him/her to jail to await instructions from a prosecutor. Based on the crime committed, the prosecuting attorney may decide to offer a plea bargain to the defendant. Plea bargaining refers to an agreement between a defendant and a prosecutor whereby the defendant is supposed to plead guilty to a lesser charge, and in turn, gets a more lenient sentence or other charges are dropped. Plea bargaining has its drawbacks, and the system should be highly discouraged in the law settings because it hinders justice.

.           I feel there is no justice served when a judge decides to grant permission for the defendant to plea for a bargain because, normally,  the defendant is supposed to be given a jail term based on the crime committed. The crimes committed by a defendant have to be accounted for, and this is why a plea bargain will not give justice. Furthermore, plea bargaining prevents the truth from being discovered through the process of fact-finding trial. Plea bargain tends to substitute offences, which ideally denies legitimacy. As an active leader during the trial process, a prosecutor should strive to ensure that justice is earned. Good leadership should not only be evident in the courtrooms but also the outside world.

            Effective leaders should live for eternity because of the right leadership skills that they possess. The leadership qualities are beneficial to society because they help in improving the life of their subjects. The leaders also help in fostering peace in society and keep the nation moving forward concerning economy and other aspects of life (Lewis, 2019). A qualified leader also helps in bringing together diverse people and assists them in finding a common purpose and work towards achieving a common objective. Through effective leadership, people can realize their full potential and harness it toward realizing set goals.

            The phrase “to lead well is to live well” means that a competent leader creates an effective and united society or community, therefore, a better life. The statement reveals that it is essential to encourage and guide leaders to lead well and promote the well-being of their people (Juslin, 2019). The phrase also indicates that a capable leader brings peace and harmony in the society, preventing vices that may end up destroying the community.

            Although plea bargaining reduces the severity of a charge against the accused, it deters justice and the truth. There are so many implications of using plea bargaining in law settings as it indicates the type of leadership that a judge uses, which affects the society. Effective leaders should make a decision that aims at promoting justice and the well-being of their subjects.


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