Sample Criminal Justice Essay Summary on Mala Prohibita Crimes

Mala Prohibita Crimes

Members of any society are expected to adhere to specific rules and regulations, failure to which is punishable by law. This is because lack of adherence causes disorder in the society and can also do harm to others in the society. Crimes are thus punished according to the degree of harm they cause. Mala Prohibita crimes are also punishable by law to different degrees. Despite causing harm to an individual, the harm resulting from the mala Prohibita crimes can spill over to others. An example is drunk driving. In case of an accident, drunken driving can cause secondary harm to others and their families. It depletes social security and also causes trauma to the victims and to their families (Hall 112). This is the reason why such crimes have to be punished to prevent the great costs associated with it. Crimes such as gambling on the other hand only cause psychological trauma to the perpetrators.

Apart from this, impaired driving can also result in property destruction such as through destruction of cars involved in an accident as well as destruction of infrastructure such as roads (Singer and La Fond 63). The society therefore can incur great costs because of such a crime. In comparison to a crime such as packing in a slot for the handicapped, impaired driving causes greater losses. Crimes such as impaired driving cause distress to the society by straining relationships as people are made to believe in other accident causes. On the other hand, a crime such as weapon concealment can be less harmful as people are more likely to feel insecure when the weapon is revealed than when concealed. It can thus be concluded that drunken driving deserves greater punishment in comparison to all these other crimes by virtue of the potential harm that can result from it.


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