Sample Criminal Justice Essay Summary on Homeland Security

Homeland Security

The department of Homeland Security was formed after the 9/11 terror attack. Its objective is to ensure that the country is secured. This is achieved through implementation of measures to improve peace within the country’s borders while reducing the vulnerability of the country to terror attacks. Homeland security protects the territory, the citizens, the country’s infrastructures and the sovereignty of the country. The responsibilities of the Department have to be understood clearly as there have been claims from the Federal Oversight authority that the department is ineffective.

This is through accusations of failure to respond to the Ebola epidemic; claims that the guards are not well equipped with skills to perform screening activities and failure to implement cyber security practices (Violet, 2005). The department itself strives to achieve its objectives by implementing counter terrorism measures such as producing standards of national security and thwarting attack threats. The department also manages to protect the national borders through effective response to domestic disasters such as tornadoes (Barrack, 2015).

Another role of the Homeland security department is to protect the country’s cyber space. This is achieved through the formulation of infrastructures that protect cyber space. This is done through the engagement of the private and the government sectors in the identification of the threats to cyber security and their mitigation measures. The department of homeland security has made important advancements towards identification of infrastructures that need both long term and short term upgrades to achieve greater levels of cyber security.

Despite the efforts of the department to accomplish its responsibilities, it is important that various measures be taken to further improve the department’s operation. It is necessary to lead, manage and amend the dysfunctional structures of the department. Methods such as positive criticism can help the department to achieve its mission.


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