Sample Criminal Justice Essay On Effective Communication Strategy

Homework Question on Effective Communication Strategy

  • Theme development can be an effective communication strategy when conducting interviews of suspects because it utilizes moral and ethical justifications for the crimes in hopes the suspect will process and accept these justifications, which will ultimately lead to the truth.
  • Some examples of themes are a rationalization theme, a projection of blame theme, or a minimization theme.
  • Choose one of the theme categories and explain using an example to illustrate the concept.

Homework Answer on Effective Communication Strategy

Though it is perceived that a criminal should be treated roughly so as to speak the truth regarding the case at hand, research has proved that employing good communication techniques and making the suspects comfortable enables them to talk and state their case with as compared to when they are treated badly. Strategies that ensure good communication and proper relations between the suspects and the interrogators are vital to ensure proper information gathering such as interrogation.

Though perceived to be harsh, when put into perspective, this is one of the most widely and efficient communication technique with regard to law enforcement. As part of the law enforcement techniques, themes development has proved to be a very successful tactic. Described as giving the suspect a proper reason and the investigator provide sufficient proof that will require the suspect to confess.

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Rationalization in this context is where the interrogator in a case, presents a case in way that is socially acceptable irrespective of the magnitude it may be possessing. It also makes a case seem reasonable depending on the circumstances that are prevailing since the intend of the case is of great importance than the consequences that may come about.