Sample Criminal Justice Essay On Designing from experience

Homework Question on Designing from experience

  • Check out this link and watch the video.
  • The speaker talks about why acoustics are so important to understand and design for in many circumstances.
  • Write up a summary of this video and what you gained by listening to it

Homework Answer on Designing from experience

At the moment architecture should focus on designing for our ears. Almost all model designs that we have, beenin the airplanes, hotels or sometimes our places of work are often interrupted with unnecessary noise that comes from the surrounding environment. This noise has negative impacts on our health, social life and lowers even our productivity. This is because sound has both physical and physiological effects on humans.

Effects of sounds on health can be figured out by an observation of a hospital set up. The rates of noise in our hospitals lead to compromised sleep among the patients and thus lowered levels of recovery.Moreover, noise increases the dispensing error which is usually expected to stand at zero when administering various injections. Increase in dispensing errors might lead wrong treatment.

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The habit of designing open plan classrooms is the biggest mistakes architects have ever done. These classrooms are affected with noise and teachers have to shout for them to be heard. Amidst this shout most students still do not hear anything. To add on this, there is need to reduce reservation time in classrooms. A reverberation of 1.2 seconds is found to be so destructive that no students can hear what their teachers are saying. Reverberation time can be reduced by using acoustics. The acoustics can help reduce reverberation time to 0.4 seconds which is so calm for learning.