Sample Criminal Justice Coursework Paper Summary on The Victim’s Rights Movement

The Victim’s Rights Movement

A victim is an individual who encounters harm through any of the actions proscribed under criminal law. The Victim’s Rights Movement is an advocacy group that deals with fighting for the rights of the victims through three key aspects. The objective of the Victim rights movement is to ensure that there is fair and equal representation of all victims’ rights throughout the entire justice system. The movement ensures that crime victims participate in the entire criminal justice process. The key mandates associated with the Victim’s Rights Movement include: to ensure that victims participate in all the criminal proceedings; to secure fiscal benefits and services for all the crime victims and to ensure that the system enacts harsher punishments for perpetrators. Victim’s Rights Movement ensures that the victims participate in all criminal proceedings by ensuring that they are provided with the notice for all proceedings (NVCAP, 2012).

Victim’s Rights Movements also affect the criminal justice system because they secure financial benefits and services to crime victims. Due to the intervention of the Victim’s Rights Movements, victims can access compensation programs funded by the government and restitution orders against the offenders. The movements affect the justice system by seeking protection for the elderly and the children while also aiming at gaining harsher sentences for delinquents (Richards, 2009). The movements restrict pre-trial release while also promoting free admission of evidence into courts during trial. For the offenders, the Victim’s Rights Movements enhances victimization and stigmatizations. This implies that the movements have the potential of reducing acceptability of the offenders into the society after the punishments administered on them. In addition to this, the movements result to punitive measures against offenders which are tantamount to harsher sentences.



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