Sample Criminal Justice Coursework Paper on Review the Policy/Regulatory Agencies That Respond To White-Collar Crimes

Review the policy/regulatory agencies that respond to white-collar crimes.

            White-collar crime includes a variety of offences, but they commonly involve felonies committed through fraud and triggered by financial gain. The common white-collar crimes include the various forms of fraud, embezzlement of funds, and tax avoidance. Some of the regulatory agencies that respond to the white-collar crimes include the criminal justice system, self-regulation, as well as the regulatory system. The criminal justice system endeavors to prevent white-collar crimes by applying the criminal law to control the rate of crime with the threat of detention.

The use of criminal justice system is a conventional method for addressing the white-collar crimes. The method engages a prosecutor, judge, and jury to establish whether a person is culpable of an offence. As reckoned by McGrath (2015) in the past the wrongdoings were often criminalized using traditional criminal justice methods, while the ordinary police were usually entrusted with the role of enforcing the law.  The use of regulatory system agency is another approach used to control the white-collar crimes by applying the civil and administrative laws to issue warnings and recall organizations among others. The use of self-regulatory agency is a proactive method and has achieved more positive results in fighting white-collar crimes compared with the criminal justice system. In most cases, the regulatory systems target organizations more than individual persons (Michael, 2010). The objective of regulatory agencies is to create regulations from the laws. Most of the regulations guide organizations on ways of operating within the set laws.

            I would want to work for the criminal justice system. The job descriptions for the public officers in the criminal justice system are specific and this reduces the chances of job conflict. Furthermore, the criminal justice agency is reputable and most people would desire to work in this agency. In the criminal justice system, I would want to become a lead investigator in solving white-collar crimes. This position is respectable and presents numerous benefits. However, in the same agency, the least position I would desire to occupy is that of a law enforcement officer (police officer).


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