Sample Criminal Justice Coursework Paper on Prison Drug Addiction

Prison Drug Addiction


A study conducted by Roger K. Przybylski (2009) reveals that currently, there are about 20% of prisoners in Colorado who use drugs. Based on the survey conducted, the author found that majority of the prisoners who have a problem with addiction have an increased criminal behavior (46words).


The current study mentions some of the impacts that drug addiction has on inmates and the criminal justice system (19words).

Proposed topic

My proposed topic is prison drug addiction and its impacts on the inmates and the criminal justice system (18words).

The research question is: what are the possible implications of drug addiction among inmates (14words)?

My study population for the final paper will be maximum security facility in Colorado prison (15words).


Przybylski, R. K. (2009). Correctional and sentencing reform for drug offenders: Research findings on selected key issues. Lakewood, CO: RKC Group. Retrieved from: