Sample Criminal Justice Coursework Paper on Appropriate Documentation Assurance Factors

Security is an important and a basic fundamental need that should be assured by a ruling entity such as the government or police. In modern criminal justice systems, documentation is an encouraged practice that ensures the court process is executed with absolute assurance of fairness to justice. It is important to note that not all documentation processes are acceptable to a court if it fails to adhere to the regulations stipulated by the constitution. Nevertheless, this discussion aims at addressing basic factors that describe an appropriate documentation framework for a case failing within the criminal justice system.

To begin with, all documentation provided in a criminal case should be verified as any false information provided could land a party in trouble. Verification of documentation entails providing actual proof that the information provided in the form of text genuinely corresponds to the practicality of the same. Consequently, documentation for a court proceeding for a criminal case should ensure that accurate details in the form of texts or graphics. For instance, explaining stabbing evidence – in a murder case – using samples captured in a crime scene would be important in proving the case substantially.

From a different angle, documentation should provide a system to enable easy and quick access to a particular section of information. This is an ethical recommendation in the practice of law which allows all parties of a criminal case to access parts where data does not prove the merit of evidence in the mentioned case. Consequently, criminal cases require a system in which, even the oversight judge, can decide on a case promptly. This would also enhance process efficiency in a judicial system as a whole.