Sample Criminal Justice Article Review Paper on Asian Americans: The Object of Color Prejudice

Wong, W. Vivian. (2011).The Myth of the Model Minority. Winter.

Asian Americans: The Object of Color Prejudice

Wong, W. Vivian. (2011).The Myth of the Model Minority. Winter.

Historian Vivian Wu Wong in her article ‘The Myth of the Model Minority’ delves into a myriad of contemporary issues where Asian Americans are presumed to be a model minority. Wong begins her article by raising her concern on the dwindling interest “…in the study of multicultural education and racial politics…” (1) with educators shifting to diverse intercontinental education (Wong, 2011). She finds this shift distressing given that the population of Asian students is on the rise in America and opines that the American experience on the politics of race should be focused first. She, however, appreciates the need for an encyclopedic education given the influence of globalization across the world.

Wong’s article raises her worry where a vastly diverse population of Asian Americans are often generalized. She abhors the faulty assumptions that the U.S government made in conducting the 2000 U.S Census where the government lumped all Asian American ethnic groups together while conducting the census and eventually deduced the expected population growth of Asian-Americans by 2020 and 2050. She states that this oversimplification of the government knowledge of the Asian community makes it “…buy into damaging stereotypes” (2). Throughout the article, Wong notes how Asian Americans have suffered in reshaping their racial identity (3-5).


Wong’s article is artfully styled in a manner that explains some major challenges that face the Asian-American community as they are either profiled the yellow peril or the model minority a sentiment that is echoed by Professor Frank Wu (Wu, 2002). At the heart of her arguments, she cautions people of all color that how the history of the U.S. is taught matters. She further cautions against racial prejudice and vehemently dismisses the prevailing stereotypes of the Asian-American community that they are economically successful, are educated and law abiding.


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