Sample Criminal Justice Article Review Summary on Schools and Delinquency

Schools and Delinquency

A study is carried out to reveal the level of delinquency in schools. Besides analysis of delinquency in school the study also aims at understanding and evaluation of methods of finding information, interpretation and representation of information. The study focuses on finding the relationship between various aspects of the school environment and delinquency. Aspects such as discipline methods, bullying, and attachment relationships are explored. The research draws inspiration from reports indicating that there is a high level of bullying, violence and substance abuse among children both within and without the school environment.

The school environment has the potential of influencing student behaviors through the factors outlined as variables in the research. The study used a cross- sectional experimental survey approach with a total of 3742 participants from 11 schools in Turkey. Most of the students surveyed were boys and were bin 9th grade. However, other students in grades 10, 11 and 12 also participated.

Self report checklists were used as the key survey tools. Each of the students was issued with a self-report checklist. They had to mark the number of times they had engaged in delinquent behaviors such as violence, drug use and property delinquency both inside and outside schools. The bond and commitment among the students was measured using Jenkins Scales while the discipline was measured in terms of type and frequency. School victimization was determined by asking students what victimization types they had experienced in schools and the frequency of such experiences.

All the data was analyzed using Tobit’s regression models. The findings showed that inductive discipline models were correlated with reduced delinquent behaviors although the significance was minimal (Unal & Cukur, 2011). The male students were also more likely to engage in property delinquency and violence compared to female students. The study can therefore be concluded to be well structured with an appropriate methodology despite lacking precision in problem statement.


Ünal, H., & Çukur, C. (2011). The effects of school bonds, discipline techniques in school and victimization on delinquency of high school students. Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice, 11(2), 560-570.

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