Sample Criminal Justice Academic Paper Summary on Future Correctional Issues

Future Correctional Issues

In the current correctional systems, there are various pertinent issues that are bound to cause problems in the near future. Issues such as conjugal visits and HIV positive in mates all pose significant challenge in the future. In addition to this, the emergence of serial killers among other top notch criminals in the system is also bound to pose a challenge in the future. HIV infected in mates have experienced significant challenge in the correctional systems. For example, in Poland, other in mates refused to share materials and food with HIV and TB infected inmates.

Because of this challenge, the  WHO and other activists have made proposals to segregate the HIV and TB infected individuals in order to enable them  gain better access to healthcare (Goyer, 2003). Secondly, the issue of conjugal visits also poses a challenge in that there have been claims that by providing inmates with a sleeping place, three meals a day and family time, prisons give them a better life than the average poor American. In addition to this, the issue is also opposed due to the potential of getting children behind bars, which leads to single parenthood.

The serial killers and those engaged in other heavy crimes such as multiple sexual offenders also bring a challenge to the system. There have been proposals that such offenders should be segregated as they could hurt other inmates due to their behaviors. On the other hand, human rights activists claim that segregation denies the inmates an opportunity to enjoy their human rights. In conclusion, these three major challenges should be addressed effectively before they lead to the further impacts such as increased HIV infection rates, increased births in prison and increased cases of rape and murder in correctional facilities.



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