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Homework Question on Cyber security

Prepare a critical review about cyber security management in organizations.

Homework Answer on Cyber security

Over the years, issues pertaining to cyber security have increasingly gained prominence. Organizations need therefore to prioritize improving cyber security. However, only a few organizations have taken the initiative to improve their cyber security. Cyber security management is a critical function that should constitute to an organization’s entire IT infrastructure. According to Vijayakumar (2012), decisions on cyber security management should be driven by a shared understanding of a company’s assets, risks as well as vulnerabilities, which ensures that security investments are directed towards addressing the most important risks.

Critical review on cyber security management

            Cyber security management involves the physical protection of an organization’s investment in computer systems, protection of critical company information, promoting system availability as well as the verification of information uprightness. The procedure primarily entails creation of a cyber security management system that take into consideration the size and complexity of the company as well as the sensitivity of organizational information (Andrei, 2012). This means that each organization might have a unique approach in addressing emerging security priorities, which might largely be influenced by its size and complexity as well as the overall sensitivity of information.

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Muhammed (2012) states that cyber security management process should entail creation of policy sanctioning security managers to take appropriate actions towards managing security threats. The policy should be in writing and circulated through the entire organization in order to inform organization leaders on various procedures that should be followed in disaster preparedness and response. This means that security managers should not take any security application without having written permission that dictate procedures to be followed in promoting system as well as network security.