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Cover Letter is addressed to the Lecturer

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December 5, 2014

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Dear Sir,


I had never imagined that it would take a short duration to write in English. The journey has not been smooth, but I have begun to appreciate the language. I am writing to inform you that my writing experience has been enjoyable and getting better every day.

English composition was a great start, and it laid foundation on reading and writing. Assignment on critical reading and writing effective arguments was outstanding. I also realized that writing processes entails knowing the purpose and identifying the target audience.   

I am proud of you for preparing me before I began writing, as your teaching instructions made it easy to perfect pre-writing concept. Pre-writing enables a person to draft a rough idea of the topic before beginning to write. On revision, I have acknowledged the importance of revisiting assignments before submitting. Editing has helped in removing mistakes, such as grammatical errors and avoiding being redundant.  

I also learned ideas on audience analysis because identifying the target of the message and the purpose of the assignment, particularly if the topic will suit the audience or not helps avoid confusion and communicate the message. The writing thesis posed a challenge, and pronunciation was not easy. Through emphasis and practicing more frequently, I began to build on my vocabulary and improved on pronunciation. Understanding grammar rules was a daunting task.

Writing requires patience and time to correct areas one does not understand. Asking questions in class and adequate practice is an added advantage towards skilled writing and reading. Furthermore, knowing basic writing has changed my writing skills. This shows how your instructions have helped me use simple, clear, and short sentences. Hence, my writing fluency has improved. Reading is getting easier and interesting with the involvement of practice, and group discussion has helped me overcome pronunciation difficulties.

            Not all has been easy, as I have faced difficulty in vocabulary usage. I have found that English words vary in meaning and it is advisable to look at the context of the text to understand. Therefore, this is one key area that I will try to find ways of familiarizing with to be brief and clear in communication while avoiding vague expressions. I will buy a dictionary for adequate thesaurus and ease definition of complex words through good choice of diction. I hope to practice a lot on grammar rules.

I learnt grammar development immediately I began writing in English. Because it puts more emphasis on the structure and rule of the language in this case English, I felt the urgency to direct more effort in learning grammar composition and rules. Resonance with the language through verbal communication has given me the confidence and degenerated positive attitude towards the language realization. Thanks for your motivation because positive attitude, confidence, self-motivation, appreciating the language, and optimistic mindset was important in tackling the challenges.

I therefore look forward to attain proficiency in English with your help and my classmates. Thanks a lot for your kind heart to teach.

Kind regards