Sample Coursework Paper Summary on Skills Necessary for Case Management

Skills Necessary for Case Management

Case management involves addressing the needs of patients from admission to a health care facility to their discharge from the facility. Case management involves several interdisciplinary interactions and thus requires a wide range of skills and capabilities. The nurses handling case management are required to possess the skills necessary for case management. Some of the skills required are effective understanding of the community health requirements and vocational health practices. Record keeping and maintenance is also required by the nurses. The nurses should be capable of monitoring, analyzing and recording the client progress. In addition to this, the nurses should also be capable of making beneficial adjustments to the healthcare plans. The case management worker should be capable of preparing, practicing and assessing client care programs. Skills are also necessary for designing and executing action plans to enable facilities to improve their healthcare performance.

Although these skills are clearly outlined, there have been reports that most of the professionals involved in case management have no skills necessary to accomplish the same. However, this is understandable because it is not possible for one individual to possess all the necessary skills for case management. In addition to this, experience is also a problem for most of the practitioners. An example is whereby a case manager may not possess the necessary data analysis and recording skills despite having great experience and capability in care management. The fact that professionals are mostly deployed far away from their communities also makes gaining skills in case management difficult. This is because the professionals do not have the necessary awareness of community health needs. This hampers their performance in case management.


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