Sample Coursework Paper on Off-Site Compliance Audit Report for Allgood Bakery Products Plant in Atlanta, GA


Date: July 6th, 2014

To: Ms. Roberta Mason, the Chief Internal Auditor of Allgood, Inc.

From: Auditor

Subject:Off-Site Compliance Audit Report for Allgood Bakery Products Plant in Atlanta, GA

On Monday, July 6, 2015, I successfully completed an off-site compliance audit of the Allgood’s Bakery Products plant in Atlanta, GA. I travelled to the plant’s site in the morning onboard the company’s plane with Mr. Frank Finnegan, who is the company’s Vice President for manufacturing. We arrived safely, and I met with the Assistant Plant Manager, Mr. B. A. McCoy, who was assigned to tour me around the Atlanta plant as I conduct the audit. He gave a detailed a detailed tour of the plant, providing all the necessary details I wanted about compliance and safety practice at the site. He gave me details of how the flammable and caustic materials are being handled at the site.

After my tour, I found that the Atlanta plant is doing an excellent job to comply with the safety measures. On the positive note, a fume hood is used to cover the vat as stipulated in the company’s safety handbook. I noted that the caustic liquids in the maintenance department were being used in a vat for degreasing some metal parts before they are painted. Furthermore, the reserve caustics are stored in 55-gallon drums that are tightly sealed and locked. They are kept in the ventilated areas in the warehouse as required by the company’s safety regulations.

However, I noted that the plant is not 100% safety compliant according to the established company rules. In particular, I questioned how they are using the highly flammable paints to protect certain equipment. I was also not satisfied by how they are using a volatile KleanRite to clean paint guns and lines.

Despite this, the supervisor demonstrated to me that all regulations regarding purging of painting equipment, ventilation of spray booths, and storage of materials are correctly followed. At the end of the day, all purging agents and paints are locked in ventilated booths are stated in the safety handbook. I finished my inspection on time and flew back to the head office with Mr. Finnegan.

Instructions on Completing an Off-Site Compliance Allgood Plant Audit

The following instructions should be followed to perform a successful Off-Site Compliance Audit for all Allgood Products Plants. The purpose of the audit is to determine whether the particular Allgood plant is compliant with the company’s safety rules or not.

  1. Determine whether the caustic liquids are stored and used in areas with proper ventilation. Examples of caustic liquids to consider include fume hoods, etc.
  2. Determine whether the reserve caustics are stored in 55-gallon drums that are tightly sealed.
  3. Determine whether the reserve caustics are placed in locked and appropriately ventilated areas in the warehouse.
  4. Determine whether the spray booths are properly ventilated.
  5. Determine whether the volatile purging agent, KleanRite, is used only in ventilated areas.
  6. Determine whether all purging agents and paints are locked and stored in ventilated booths after the day’s work.

All the above questions are marked either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The plant is then considered compliant according to the company safety rules and guidelines if all the above questions are marked ‘yes’. A detailed explanation should be included for any question that is marked ‘no’. The answers should be submitted to the supervisor.