Sample Coursework Paper Summary on Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Sample Coursework Paper on Fleet Management- Free Academic PapersFleet management is a tasking responsibility that requires a diverse workforce to manage a variety of tasks. The tasks involved in fleet management include oversight of the acquisition of new vehicles, maintenance of vehicles with problems and disposal of old vehicles. The ability to accomplish these roles while also adhering to policies and regulations are essential for effective fleet management. While aiming at accomplishing their objectives, most fleet managers focus on issues such as fuel consumption, and safety and performance of the driver.

Various problems are pertinent with regards to fleet management. One of the most common problems is the misuse of company resources. This is done when drivers do things like driving in unauthorized areas or engaging in careless driving habits. The fleet managers cannot control all vehicles in the fleet at all times hence it is difficult to know when a particular driver is misusing company property.

Risky driving behaviors can lead to additional costs for the company. It is therefore essential for the problem of control to be addressed through the implementation of a telogis system which monitors all the fleet vehicles in a clockwise direction. The information collected by the GIS system relating to the vehicles includes the driving velocity, behaviors, location and usage of vehicles. The information is sent directly to the fleet manager’s mobile phone enabling him/ her to monitor all the vehicles.

Additionally, collecting vehicle information is also challenging to fleet managers particularly when they need to find a particular vehicle. The fleet managers implementing telogis have an advantage since the dashboard provides information that can help in pin pointing a particular vehicle at any given time. Vehicles, teams and drivers are all labeled while vast fleets are segmented into manageable sizes.



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