Sample Coursework Paper on Barriers to Wellness

Barriers to Wellness

Many American citizens are on the brink of developing and contacting chronic diseases due to the sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise. Experts comprehend that engaging in physical exercise is one way of staying and improving on wellness (Lew, 2016).  However, the population has had to deal with challenges and barriers that deter them from achieving optimal level of physical and mental wellness.

 First, the perceived busy schedules of many individuals in the society are a hindrance to progress. For example, most people work during the day, complete overtime schedules and still transfer office work to home. This leaves little room for family interaction and exercise schedules. This can be solved by individuals creatively working out to find time for physical exercise activities. Alternatively, an individual can schedule to wake up 30 minutes earlier twice a week to exercise.

 Second, Americans have to deal with boredom problem. Studies have outlined that boredom sets in as a result of growing weary with repeated workouts (Booker, 2011). This has prevented many from completing their daily physical and mental schedules. The solution is; exercising with a partner or friend and promoting variability of daily exercise routines.

 Third, people develop fear, especially of getting hurt when undergoing new activities. This inhibits an individual from experimenting on other excellent yoga exercises beneficial for the body and mind. The solution is trying each new venture as a beginner to focus on basics to reduce fear potential. Alternatively, people should engage services of trainers to take them through unique activities.

Fourth, lack of money to access services such as gym membership, training gear and purchase of yoga tools and equipment has been a barrier. Therefore, individuals not able to access vitals tools and equipment are disadvantaged. Solutions include; individuals considering cheap or free alternatives and trying community centers that offers subsidized packages.

To conclude, it is paramount for individuals to live healthy lifestyles characterized by appropriate diets and active physical exercises. These improve physical and mental wellness. However, the initiative is only possible if Americans deal with barriers likely to inhibit their participation.


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