Sample Coursework Management Paper Summary: Healthcare Management research for solving Healthcare Problems

Healthcare Management research for solving Healthcare Problems

There are presently many healthcare management problems that need to be solved but the lack of appropriate strategies for solving these problems makes them a challenge to healthcare. Healthcare management research can provide a lasting solution to some of the key issues that face the healthcare management sector. The applicability of healthcare management research in the resolution of healthcare management problems is based on the fact that the healthcare management model is different from  conventional business management models (Whitehead 2004).

For instance healthcare management research can help the system in the resolution of problems that occur in cost control through investment in research for determining cost control procedures that are most applicable to the healthcare system. Apart from this, research in healthcare management can also aid in addressing challenges in revenue definition. Revenue definition can be achieved in the healthcare management system through researching on the most potentially profitable products and services and  how to offer them to the market (Hunter 2003).

Moreover, healthcare management research is also essential in public health problems such as in managing communications with the public regarding communicable diseases and their prevention strategies. Through research into healthcare management , it is possible to find   ways in which communication towards behavior change can be achieved. Furthermore, the best logistics through which services can be delivered to the populace can sometimes prove to be challenging. To avert this challenge, healthcare management research helps to identify means through which services can be brought to people in a more affordable way, especially where public transport is expensive. Efficiency in the transportation of healthcare products to the people will effectively lead to the overall improvement of community well being.


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