Sample Computer Science Paper on Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network

This paper describes the issues involved with deployment, placement, and implementation of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Government agencies, business organizations and companies carry out their daily operations without limitation of the physical location owing to the availability of Virtual private networks (VPNs) (Cisco, 2004). VPNs have made it easier and secure for organizations to transmit sensitive information and data. This is accelerated by the availability of internet services which serves as an economical long distance carrier for Wide Area Network (WAN) connections established using VPNs (CompTIA, 2009). VPNs provide a reliable and secure way of communicating and accessing sensitive data from one office location to the other through the internet protocol security. As much as VPNs have various benefits, a few issues and disadvantages arise about them requiring attention before deployment, placement and implementation.

            The quality of their service is normally questioned given that the VPNs are not under direct control of the organizations but rather under the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) (Hummel, 2003). VPNs speed is also more often affected by congestion and therefore, encryption is required to ensure data security during the transit process. Further implementing and deploying VPNs is not easy for government agencies and companies because it requires vast knowledge and understanding of the network and the associated data and information security factors (Fornero, 2016). Government agencies and companies require careful planning in order to avoid risks such as data and information hacking and theft by unauthorized personnel. It is also important to keep in mind that VPNs are not safe despite the fact that they are encrypted. Additionally, data into and out of a VPN can be susceptible if the receiver’s computer is infected by a malicious code.


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