Sample Computer Science Paper On Efficient Data Replication

Homework Question on Efficient Data Replication

Give an example of details of a process of  how real companies are implementing an efficient data replication, or do something creative so the professor and the classmate could understand easily.

      Homework Answer on Efficient Data Replication

Best practices in implementing an efficient data replication process for the business

Presently, businesses have innovated ways that has increased efficiency in data systems. In the course of enhancing service delivery and increasing efficiency, these businesses must ensure that their data does not leak out to competitors.There are best practices that are recommended for companies, these include creating, and maintaining the data in a safe way such that it can be easily accessed when need be. Use of softwares such as the Isilicon’s SynIQ helps in creating an even mechanism where time, storage and costs are minimized.

Though majority of companies are still using traditional forms of data storage such as use of files, adoption of replication methods can help organizations to cluster data depending on the specifications. Through these organizations can successfully replenish data on both external and internal data centres easing transfer techniques as well enhancing reliability. Schools for instance can use the replication software to organize departmental data depending along the different network bandwidths to so as to encompass each individual in the school.

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The information can help the school in planning, balancing of school activities, as well as ensuring accountability. One critical aspect that organizations find it difficult to manage is the process of ensuring the observation of set regulations to achieve a desired goal and objectives. Breach and compliance is a great challenge to majority of present day companies. It is therefore important that proper data synchronization mechanisms be enacted to ensure compliance.