Sample Computer Science Paper On Chinese Cyber-Terrorism

Homework Question on Chinese Cyber-Terrorism

  • Cultural, ethnic, languages, development, colonialism, significant events
    • Longest-lasting civilization in the world.
    • Has traditionally followed Confucius’s beliefs about government and family – hierarchy structure
      • In a ruler-subject relationship, the subjects respect and obey the ruler who is tasked with caring for the people.
      • People must respect their superiors who act benevolently albeit dictatorially towards their lessers.
    • Traditionally xenophobic
      • “China” in Chinese culture has meant “Middle (or Central) Kingdom” – Chinese believe they are a special people and nation
      • Outsiders have usually been viewed with suspicion, often as thieves or barbarians.
    • Colonialism
      • Until the 19th century, China had an unwavering belief in its global superiority, and Westerners considered China to be a great kingdom.
      • Changed with the Opium Wars, which forcibly opened the Chinese market to Western goods and revealed to the West the weaknesses of the Chinese government.
        • Created a cascade of unfavorable trade agreements between most seafaring Western powers, except the United States.
        • Began sowing seeds of anti-westernism amongst many Chinese.
        • Also revealed to Japan the weakness of China.

Homework Answer on Chinese Cyber-Terrorism

1.Definition of cyber terrorism

  • Act of internet terrorism, such as intentional massive disruption of computer networks through computer viruses (Matusitz 137).
  • Intentional application of computer and networks for destruction for individual purposes

2.Forms of Cyber-terror potentiality

  • Simple unstructured- hacks over individual systems applying tools from another individual. This form comprises little target analysis and learning potency (Matusitz 137).
  • Advanced structured –sophisticated attacks on networks and several systems using basic target analysis and learning capacity
  • Complex-Coordinated- results in huge disruptions over heterogeneous protections through application of the advanced hacking tools

Homework Help

  • Concerns
  • Contains highest percentage of threats within the American territory, which calls for preventive measures (Sant 10)
  • Increased demand of internet, which results in increased probability of attacks
  • Threat to the economy, which could result in economic depression in America
  • The demand for digital weapons is equated to the appeal for nuclear capacity
  • It is challenging to identify the people behind the crime due to the internet policies